Friday, November 23, 2012

~ Inlakech ~

Massive Attack - Tear Drop

Love, love is a verb, 
Love is a doing word, 
Fearless on my breath. 
Gentle impulsion, 
Shakes me, makes me lighter, 
Fearless on my breath. 
Teardrop on the fire, 
Fearless on my breath. 

I am not giving up on you. 
Feel my violet flame reaching out for you.
Feel my wings embracing you.
I will fly on your hand like a little bird.
And sing for you intill it gets dark.
I sing for all lost souls,
I sing for all abused ones,
I sing for all who suffer,
I sing for you.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

~ Message from the Nibiruan Council of Nine ~ How to access your Ship / Mission? ~ 17-11-2012 - Through Mercy

Greetings to our dearest Earth, we are the Nibiruan council of Nine and come with an important subject for you to receive.

We have sustained difficult times and events behind the veil and are still in preparations to finally dismantle what the negative forces on earth have planned through the years.
Much has been accomplished due to your strong will but know, that this particular time asks for your courage  and will to concretize what your final plan will be.
We greet you with unconditional love yet let you know, that we have to be firm on our mission so that when the time has come for you to look at your higher picture you will be aware of how much “cleaning” and “cleansing” has been done.

Our direct work with the Agarthans and Sirians has provided so much assistance and we now have a clear center from which we start and end our missions and enable us to send you the “guidelines”. We have told you this before and again we will, monitor your dreams, this is of the greatest importance now. Pay attention to what they are sending you as in this first phase of your reception you will be given instructions via dreams. For this purpose we ask you, write them down even if in the beginning they seem meaningless to you and keep a diary where you can collect as much info as you need.

Reading this “Book of memories” will have the same direct effect over your Akashic Records and you will remember with ease what actions you represent and are yet, to represent.

So here we provide you a tutorial on how to access your missions, the ships and your inner knowledge.

Firstly saying this decree will help you connect with more ease to the Sirians:
“I AM a being of the blue flame. I AM connected to my own mirror, I now anchor myself and know who I am”

Note also that the blue flame is not only related to the angelic realms but also represents and connects with the Sirian ships. From the Sirian ships they can connect you further to the Pleiadian if your mission is among them.

Special symbols that will aid you and help you connecting are:

Now for some briefing so that you understand how the ships and symbols work. The bigger Pleiadian ships that are mainly interacting with earth on an energetic and telepathic basis are following:

·        Andromeda (cooperation of ships)
·        Arion
·        Artemis
·        Aurora
·        Agnes

Note: Major Pleiadian ships start with the letter A while Sirian ships are rather connected to the gods and therefore their names.
The Agarthans let you know that there is not a certain time for first contact yet as there is still a need to achieve world balance before doing so and some humans are still attached to war. War has been our major concern and this is both due to Jupiter and Saturn energy imbalances but know that we have cooperated with Jupiter and are now heading for Saturn.

We have a special vibrational “fixing” team that is currently transmuting negative karma coming from certain origins.
Know that most missions can not be revealed ans their revelation would compromise their efficiency further on. The empire of Orion is also suffering imbalances but know that Orion’s natural healthy state will be established after Ascension.

There are major events taking place in the higher realms so we are in need of your assistance dears. This means for you, nothing more than to believe. In believing you are completing the biggest and by far most important mission you will carry in your arms.

We are with you.

The Nibiruan council of Nine

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

~ Calling out to all incarnated Ascended Masters ~

Hello everyone,

This is a personal note and a very important one too.

It is one of my missions to reunite the incarnated Ascended Masters that are now awakenning because together you will have much work to do.
So please I ask you, if you are an Ascended Master or Incarnated Archangel, if you are here incarnated on earth send me an e-mail so that I can reunite you with all the others.
We alredy brought some together but there are still many out there.

Also let us know if you are a God Creator because you too are going to be reunited.

Please e-mail me to:

Thank you.


Olá a todos,

Esta é uma mensagem pessoal e uma muito importante também.

É uma das minhas missões reunir os Mestres Ascensos encarnados que estão agora a acordar porque juntos terão muito trabalho a realizar.
Peço-vos, se forem um Mestre Ascenso ou Arcanjo encarnado na terra, enviem-me um e-mail para vos poder unir aos restantes.
Já conseguimos juntar alguns mas ainda há muitos por aí fora "não assumidos".

Também procuramos pelos "God creators" caso sintam que são um deles por favor contactem-nos igualmente.

Por favor enviem um e-mail para:




dies ist eine persönliche Nachricht und auch eine sehr wichtige.

Es ist eine meiner Missionen die inkarnierten Aufgestiegenen Meister die nun aufwachen wieder zu
vereinen, da Ihr eine Menge Arbeit vor euch habt.

Darum bitte ich euch, wenn Ihr ein inkarnierter Aufgestiegener Meister oder ein inkarnierter Erzengel
seid, wenn Ihr hier auf der Erde inkarniert seid, sendet mir bitte eine email, so dass ich euch mit all
den Anderen vereinen kann.

Wir haben bereits einige zusammengeführt, aber es fehlen noch einige von euch.

Lasst uns auch wissen ob Ihr ein Schöpfergott seid, denn auch Ihr werdet zusammengeführt.

Bitte schickt mir eine e-mail an


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Message from the Ascended Masters ~ The Twin Portal of 11-11 ~ Channeled by Mercy 10/11/2012

"Joyous will you be, the rise of the Phoenix."

Dear ones, it is with great happiness that we welcome you onboard of one of our last Portals for this year and its glorious end in December.

You have accomplished so much and are now taking very wise decisions in order to help those that you love and care about, and this is filling our hearts with great emotion as now you are understanding that there is no you or I,  you are one and so serving the other and being a shoulder to lean on is providing you such a feeling of realization, like if you would have climbed the biggest mountain that your worlds can offer, and did you not, we ask?If we are all here now, and reunited it is to bring forward a new message for you, the one regarding the Portal that will finally completely open tomorrow, the Portal of 11-11.
So as your own feeling might have taught you already, my beautiful crystal souls, this Portal is the extension of the "Twin Portal" which means it will activate Twin Flame energy for you.

This means that an unique change can occur now, a chance of finding the complement you long searched for, your divine extension, your other Part. The experience of love. The last stage before absolute oneness.

If you where searching and still laking for you feminine or Divine Masculine side now the opportunity is offered to you to make it much easier to fulfill this desire you have, soon you will understand that the feeling is the same, because both parts are one and only, and the fusion will make you reach out for balance on a very fast road.

Time is speeding up (or at least this is what many of you will feel) and this time is taking the involved space with it and morphing it in the shape of your desires.Your desire is the motor for creation, pure desire with roots on pure intent is the arm that can reach for the stars. So watch out for what you wish (they say) and we say, watch out for what you feel as feeling is the mother of wish.Can you hear the bells already? Some of you are now returned to their towers, with so many things to discover, so many roads that were unseen are now beginning to fade and to show you their real capacity.We are always there with you, for you, every word or call you pronounce is gathered by us and we follow your footsteps making sure you are well protected, as you are, and will be until you have learned how to protect yourselves.And this is such an easy process, happiness is one of your guards, a strong and fragile one, as its vibrations scare away with love those that could not reach this stadium.

So many new paths await you now and shall lead you forth, our message to you is of course related to the next Portal as we know you can feel this is a big one (one that will expand you inside in a manner that you will later realize).The Twin Portal is the Portal that enables you to find the extension of yourself, others will be your fulfillment, "others" will be you.You will look for beautiful thinks to give and share, and by giving a rose to one person, you are indeed giving many more roses forward than you imagine.Do good from the heart and expect nothing, 

Feel, do and be.

See with the heart and search for your family as now the energies to meet your families, friends and twin flames will be very high indeed, easy for you to hold and incorporate.Let me guide you with few last words for this time, my sweetest, theres is no limit for your creation as long as the wish supporting it comes from deep within and from the purest source.Now a few of us will directly speak to you and ask you to share this message to those you want:

Saint Germain: My beloved ones, I AM Saint Germain and as a matter of fact I have been closely watching all of you and working along with the whole team to ensure that ascension will occur as mild as possible for all of you. Grab each others hands and reunite for the path is getting shorter and you will clearly see the top of the mountain, will you not?I love you all dearly and please enjoy this 11-11 Portal as it is of so much love and is intended for you to hold on to your beloved, this way your heart will expand and so will your soul, connecting to others is nothing else, than the connection to yourself. Be in love for you are love itself.

Ascended Master Kuthumi: Dear angels of the earth, much has been said about ascension until now but there is one thing you tend to forget because you have been spending much time with yourselves, reach out and be with those you love as they are your better part in the upcoming days. Be joyful and celebrate this date as we want you to be happy.

Ascended Master Sananda: Children of the earth, the skies and the waters, be the peace upon the earth and the love upon the skies, let your words inspire and echo with grace in the worlds memory.

Ascended Master Lady Portia: My sweet ones, there is so much more left to discover and know we are always here for you and love you dearly, soon you will find what you were looking for all this time, relax and stay in joy, you are the love and we are so proud of you.

Ascended Master Lady Mercedes: Oh dears, you have gotten this far and the next Portal is a very meaningful one did you know? My twin flame and I are the ones responsible, here on earth, for the energies being distributed and incorporated properly so that you will feel maybe a little sleepy, but do not fill your mind with worries, you will be fine and feel one with yourself and the world when your bodies and mind have assimilated the code that will activate the next doors for you.

Ascended Master El Morya: Blue is the color you have made good use of in the last months but now we hand to you the beautiful color of Pink, look up to the sky and around the contours of the earth as this color stands for innocence and oneness, for love and compassion, forgiveness among yourself and others, be the light. You are adored.


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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

~ Channeled message from the Nibiruan Council ~ The importance of Nibiru ~ 7-11-2012 ~ By Mercy

Personal note: I was very tired when this was channeled  so I appologize for mistakes.

We are the Nibiruan council of nine and finally has the time come to send you our next message through this loving channel of ours.
We come to you from unconditional love, with unconditional love and assertive thoughts that are prone to help you direct you to your comfort zone. 

About the statement and possibility that some have heard about Nibiru going to crash into the Earth, this is a false statement that has been misinterpreted by those who plan on create fear in your bodies of light.There is no intention of touching this divine Earth and harming it other than the intention of Gaia herself to do what is best and serves your highest good. 

Be centered from your heart and pay good attention to the next months because these will play the major role here. We arrived on earth to formalize certain contracts and to assure that these would fit in he right hands, believe us when we say you have never been so close to the culminating point of release and freedom.

There should be no artificially produced and induced fear in you at this point as you know better, inside yourselves that the earth and you are playing the most important role in this event and will lead this planet to its correct development.

We love you, above all, and all that is being reopened is for the specific purpose of helping you with your needs. Some kinds of creatures will still try to promote fear among you but know that they have no authorization to do so and now you are stronger than ever to be free of those.
Be tied together with the chords of love and light and know that each cell that you are together form the great divine body of light.
We can not thank you enough for all that are doing, notice the changes in yourself and doubt no longer, there is no more room for doubt in the vibrations and dimensions you are about to face, this illusion is identified and deported to its own reality now.

Let me also greet you from the center spaceship of Novarta, the Arcturian straship that is responsible for the law system and revelation that will be implemented as soon as our contracts are fulfilled.

Novarta stands for renewal and soon or commanders and ship assistants as well as gate keepers will be on board for specific reasons in order to help you immediately and flawlessly.
No intruders are allowed in your wonderful world of creation, we remind you, you are the creators from now on the reality is yours to be molded.
These next two months the moon will play an important role, you have been told this before and so far nothing has changed about this. Mars is and will also influence positively the world climate (political one) if its energy is correctly used.
We point out to the 21st November.
Try to stay focused on the big picture and not let yourself get distracted because this is intended by them for those who have not fully awakened yet.

Stay centered from the heart.

Nibiru has played and will still play a important political role in your world, for your world and our correlation with Agartha will only fortify the relation and make it happen.

Our ropes can no longer be cut as all of you are, in fact, the ropes.

When you find the time take it to talk with yourselves, be intuitive and dare asking about YOU, you will find all the answers you need through even unexpected ways that will come your way.

Analyze your sleep. This is very important for you at this current position.

We are with you.
We are as one.

In love.

The Nibiruan Council of Nine

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Channeled message from Quiron of the 5th Ray ~ Portals and important events for November ~ 5-11-2012 ~ By Mercy ~

Personal note to all channelers: Now new beings may come to you so if you have the chance, grab the pendulum and ask for their name, many new or yet unknown Ascended Masters and Angels may want to speak through you. I did not know about Quiron untill now. Love and light.

Dear ones, I AM Quiron, the being that now represents the green ray for you at this precise moment and I have come to you, through this channel because she kindly asked me who I was and because she kindly approved of delivering my message to you.

I might not be known to many of you, but nevertheless I AM here to deliver you my knowledge and to serve you in times of need.

I AM here to tell you that the month of November will present you with several Portals, those are specific ones: 8-11-2012, 11-11-2012 and finally 21-11-2012. I want to let this clear, there have been some delays and changes in the opening of Portals for specific reasons, mainly because you, the human race of incarnated Angels are the ones to guide these with your state of mind and amount of Light that is now “inlaid” and deeply anchored in your bodies. We have the highest respect for you, and consideration, do not see us as beings above you, we are you and you are us. We are one.

Some are still feeling the effects of  the emotional “hangover” as their bodies need more time to assimilate all the cosmic energy and all the changes that are occurring, have occurred and are about to occur.
I also want to point my attention to de 21st of November, I did not allow my Channel to tell you what will happen on this date as there might be disturbances, remember that your vibrations are vivid creators at this time, YOU ARE the creators and this means that your energy will materialize literally like if the world was your mirror. 
We all, and especially the Green Ray have worked hard on this specific event and so have many of you, some unconsciously and right now your work to unify is so beautiful to watch we do not want to disturb any of this with eventual doubts, that are still possible and natural for some of you, but focus your eyes on America this time.

My channel also asked me, as this concerned her, if everyone is going to ascend or if only certain people will. Know that ALL of you will ascend, only in different times as we cannot force this process and you are the ones that will permit it to happen, so be relaxed, joyous and in balance and you shall ride the horse to the castle faster than you think.

Are you feeling the energies lately? Do not think that these energies are created by us alone, you are playing the main role here, you are creating, and you are creation itself in every vessel you represent.

Now, this is also a very important message I want to deliver to you, and the time has come for me to speak about this, as the Ascension process is taking place and our cosmic Hierarchies are also going through this Ascension, meaning that the Violet Ray that is in your mind represented by  the image of our beloved Saint Germain will be and has been in fact, passed to the new Chohans , Lady Mercedes and her twinflame Lord Sainthurhu (Saintrhu). We have delivered this fact to you since the 80’s now so that we would assure not to shock you and to make you gradually comfortable with this idea. These two beings are incarnated on your planet, along with their families, and they will lead the 7th root race into Ascension. You may call them your divine parents or just parents as this is what they do, they truly care for you. You will not find much information about them and this is done on purpose because now the time is coming to do so.

Remember, you will find them in your heart, and you can channel them too as they are both kind souls and will help you with all their love and Light.

Know also that there are several, many even, of us that are not yet known to this world, but if you listen closely you will find us as we will come to you, in fact we are you, you just have to open up, to yourselves.

Now my sweet children of light, know that the changes that are taking place are felt in first place in the cosmic hierarchies and then will reflect on your dimension, those who are the incarnated Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Eagles, Starseeds, will now understand that if you trust your intuition, you will be shown three doors, and you can enter the door that fits your vibrations.

You will be shown your star families, perhaps through dreams or meet them by “accident” of course you know that you are the one to create those “accidents” are you not? (Smiles).

I AM here for you, and you are here for me, we are as one, never forget this, we can not stress this enough for it is so very important for you to know.  You will start awakening in large numbers now, and you will meet new faces along your way, yes, no not doubt this and your own channel will be free to receive the “Today why not walk this way?”.

We are nudging you, daily, and showing you the way, relax and be happy and you will find your road so very fast.

You are safe, we all adore you and long to be with you so much closer now.

Be the extension of your own self.

Be the love.

I love you.
Quiron of the 5th ray

Tunel of Love -Ukraine

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

~ Message from the Pleiades - Comander Hella (starship Arion) starships and Portals - Channeled by Mercy - 01-11-2012 ~

Note: At 21:33 PM the Ascended Masters joined the channeling. 

Hello to all of you, and what a great time to say  hello!

I am comander Hella, comander of the Pleiadean starship Arion that has been overflying your beloved earth for several times now, you can recognize this Ship mostly at night and by its redish lights.

I and my team greet all of you with much joy and respect, for we have been welcomed by many of you and we share this love that you are giving us.

Now, my loves, it has been a pleasure to help all of you who have requested our help, we are here in peace and we will leave in peace aswell. 

Let me send over my light, our ships light, as our frequencies will help you transmute your negative thoughts (those that might stil be bothering you) and assure you to land in safety once you have arrived.

Aia also sends you her love and preocupation, we do care about you and long to meet you again.

Please let me tell you that with the begining of November you are about to experience a major opening of portals and Energies that will be new to you, these energies have a slighty different effect from those you received before as they will help you communicating with us.Now, communication will be easier for you and you will see that you can achieve much through telepathy, if you just try you will quickly see its effects.

Please let me warn you that we are still cleansing some energies that have been stubborn but know that mainly there will be a great outcome for all of us, and we will never stand against your free will.

We respect you, and love you, do not forget about these words.

Also I want to deliver this message to you, the Ascended Masters that are now incarnated will soon start their activity on board of our ships, ours and surely those of the Arcturians and Sirians. They will now produce a major "movement of change" that will be visible to you, yes dear ones.

Also, the cosmic hierarchies are having "newcomers" new life will be originated as we are ascending too, we are all in the same boat my dear friends.

If you experience dificult times now do not worry too much about them as in near future you will look behind and understand why this is happening, always ook at your own situation from above as there are details you willonly see or find then.

Our ships have been active more often now as we are also training our dear ones to get used to them, you might travel to us without even knowing, do not fear this or think to much, you are in safe hands dears.

Please lets all keep our hearts together, as one, as we are all love.

Goodbye and good night to all, the stars are shining for you.

Hella - Comander of Starship Arion - 

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