Saturday, November 17, 2012

~ Message from the Nibiruan Council of Nine ~ How to access your Ship / Mission? ~ 17-11-2012 - Through Mercy

Greetings to our dearest Earth, we are the Nibiruan council of Nine and come with an important subject for you to receive.

We have sustained difficult times and events behind the veil and are still in preparations to finally dismantle what the negative forces on earth have planned through the years.
Much has been accomplished due to your strong will but know, that this particular time asks for your courage  and will to concretize what your final plan will be.
We greet you with unconditional love yet let you know, that we have to be firm on our mission so that when the time has come for you to look at your higher picture you will be aware of how much “cleaning” and “cleansing” has been done.

Our direct work with the Agarthans and Sirians has provided so much assistance and we now have a clear center from which we start and end our missions and enable us to send you the “guidelines”. We have told you this before and again we will, monitor your dreams, this is of the greatest importance now. Pay attention to what they are sending you as in this first phase of your reception you will be given instructions via dreams. For this purpose we ask you, write them down even if in the beginning they seem meaningless to you and keep a diary where you can collect as much info as you need.

Reading this “Book of memories” will have the same direct effect over your Akashic Records and you will remember with ease what actions you represent and are yet, to represent.

So here we provide you a tutorial on how to access your missions, the ships and your inner knowledge.

Firstly saying this decree will help you connect with more ease to the Sirians:
“I AM a being of the blue flame. I AM connected to my own mirror, I now anchor myself and know who I am”

Note also that the blue flame is not only related to the angelic realms but also represents and connects with the Sirian ships. From the Sirian ships they can connect you further to the Pleiadian if your mission is among them.

Special symbols that will aid you and help you connecting are:

Now for some briefing so that you understand how the ships and symbols work. The bigger Pleiadian ships that are mainly interacting with earth on an energetic and telepathic basis are following:

·        Andromeda (cooperation of ships)
·        Arion
·        Artemis
·        Aurora
·        Agnes

Note: Major Pleiadian ships start with the letter A while Sirian ships are rather connected to the gods and therefore their names.
The Agarthans let you know that there is not a certain time for first contact yet as there is still a need to achieve world balance before doing so and some humans are still attached to war. War has been our major concern and this is both due to Jupiter and Saturn energy imbalances but know that we have cooperated with Jupiter and are now heading for Saturn.

We have a special vibrational “fixing” team that is currently transmuting negative karma coming from certain origins.
Know that most missions can not be revealed ans their revelation would compromise their efficiency further on. The empire of Orion is also suffering imbalances but know that Orion’s natural healthy state will be established after Ascension.

There are major events taking place in the higher realms so we are in need of your assistance dears. This means for you, nothing more than to believe. In believing you are completing the biggest and by far most important mission you will carry in your arms.

We are with you.

The Nibiruan council of Nine

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