Friday, November 23, 2012

~ Inlakech ~

Massive Attack - Tear Drop

Love, love is a verb, 
Love is a doing word, 
Fearless on my breath. 
Gentle impulsion, 
Shakes me, makes me lighter, 
Fearless on my breath. 
Teardrop on the fire, 
Fearless on my breath. 

I am not giving up on you. 
Feel my violet flame reaching out for you.
Feel my wings embracing you.
I will fly on your hand like a little bird.
And sing for you intill it gets dark.
I sing for all lost souls,
I sing for all abused ones,
I sing for all who suffer,
I sing for you.


  1. Dearest, I am not giving up on you either. Feel my heart, feel my love. I love and miss you, dearest sister. I send you my love, angels, the Christed beings and my compassion and the violet flame for healing. Receive this blessing of love and light from us all. We are all here with you ander love and adore you. Much love and hugs. Lady Magda xoxoxo

  2. I have always been surrounded in white light...asending still higher than can even be spoken aloud w most all....yet still...alone. are you noot looking for my reaping window? You say your here to help...yet i believe you are yet to k.. see