Monday, October 29, 2012

~ Channeled message from Lady Mercedes of the violet Ray ~ Manu of the 7th race ~ through Mercy ~ 30-10-2012 ~

“You will fly like swallows among the Spring, this Spring can not be taken from you”

Dearest ones, finally I am able to lend my voice again, and what a feeling of freedom and love I bring along with this message, for you my beloved souls, my children of light.

I love you, and I am glad to breathe once again, to guide you with my words and to show you the beauty that lies in each of you, so very deep, so very powerful.
Reach out for me, call my name, for I am here to bring you light, reach out for me, for I AM the violet flame of forgiveness.

It has been hard for many of you to forgive your beloved ones, to reach out for them. Your feeling of sadness are known to me very well, indeed I incorporated all of them before I came to my home. I understand these feelings in order to transmute them, and so do all the beings of the violet ray.

Know that those that have awakened bitter feelings in you are waiting for you to stretch your hands to them, never judge a book by its cover, feelings are the deepest ocean that has ever been created, it would take several incarnations for all to understand, the complexity and beauty of emotion itself.

Know that just like I and the rest of us are stretching out our hands to you, you can do the same, for all that need to stand up again. There is infinite beauty in you, can you imagine this? Can you believe this? YOU must, because YOU ARE.

I have raised my wings for all of you, and though I know it is still hard for some of you to believe our words, trust yourself, have faith, become one, and become eternal beings of light.

I am your mother, you are my children, all of you, I will never deny my light to any of you. You are my mountains and rivers of hope.

Forgive yourselves, and learn that you are not yet on the finishing line, release yourself from the pressure that has been created, listen to your heart as it will tell you were the wounds need to be healed, it will tell you how to let go, it will teach you how to love, you know this so very well, you are love that came to life in this beautiful earth.

There are still “wounded warriors” among you, it has been hard for you to let go, of the illusions that you have experienced. The world is not only a place of harmony, right now your doubts are arising and you wonder what will happen.


Let your Higher self guide you, it knows you best, it loves you with the purest flame of love one could imagine, it IS you, it wants you to be freed.

 I have returned to you as the Manu of the 7th race, your divine protector and mother. See me as a mother that will be here to give advice, for your highest good. Know me as the one that will free you from your chains of doubt, I AM that I AM, and YOU ARE (IN) ME.

We are one, my respect for you is infinite, my understanding for you is bigger than the one you now have for yourselves because I can clearly see who you are and I have no doubts about you. Please look and acknowledge your grandness, don’t be afraid to love yourself, to get to know yourself.

Right now you are your biggest fountain of knowledge, you are living knowledge.
I along with my Twin flame are here to help you, to guide you, to make you yours again, to return you to the origin. Believe in yourself, you must believe, your beliefs will paint the sky in your own color.

And if you doubt, come back to your inner core, grab it, hold it, feel how warm it is, see its light irradiating, feel the love emanating from it and accept this perfection that you are.

I AM Lady Mercedes, I represent the violet flame with my beloved Saint Germain and Lady Portia, it is my time to come to you, and it is your time to come back to me, my children of light, you are the miracle of life.

I will be assisting you as the Manu of the 7th race.

I have so much faith in you, we all do, and now we return to you, for you, like you returned to us. We are your guides, friends and equals, we are your family.

To forgive but not to forget, who you are and what was done, feel from the heart, it knows best, you know best.

Such simple advice to you, is all you will need, you have done well and from now on you will walk with more ease. 

I love you so very much, how could you ever know.

I AM Lady Mercedes and I return for all of you.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Lady Portia ~~ The dawn of a new era ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 26/10/2012

Precious Hearts of mine, I go by the name of Lady Portia and I greet you all sincerely and respectfully with an abundance of Love and Light. I welcome you all in my enlightened energy and Presence as the I AM that I AM. I bless you all and you may take my word for it that I love you all so immensely deep with all of my heart!

It appears that all of you and all of us have taken an enormous step upward to your enlightenment. All ties to that end have now duly been cut and it is all so crystal clear how all will proceed from now on. Expect the wonder and awe of Ascension to present itself in a way you’ve never experienced before. The fact that you have brought this about in a collective way makes it all the more wonderfully beautiful for all of you and for the world. The collective context in which this came about,seals your decision for enlightenment on a global scale.♥ Moreover, it also seals your own self-being and your decision to go ahead in this life and beyond.

Lots of hearts amongst you have clearly chosen to free themselves from the wheel of karma and not to return and just to evolve further on and out of this illusion. Of those beings it is now expected that they will, once and for all, get out of it in a most “Masterly” way. That decision was a long way in the making, it certainly wasn’t decided overnight. First those souls had to wrestle with duality and its tricks destined to keep you all in an image of low self-esteem, granting you the wisdom as small as a nut.

All those petty games and hidden truths come to their end NOW, my precious ones! There can no longer be deceptions, they are just not tolerated anymore by all of you. That in itself is a clear indication that you now stand firmly in your shoes! We are only a few portals away of the actual real work so our advice to you is to take in all the energies and changes to the best of your abilities so to be able to harmoniously cope with the real work of Ascension. Your physical vessels are preparing themselves so as to let their true self explode outside of their limits which requires a lot of adjustments, that in turn can be responsible for your feelings of fatigue and of being under the weather.

I would really like to be informed, my beloved hearts, when something is too much for you to cope or when something becomes too difficult to handle…. In such cases, I will jump to your aid to restore balance in you. My fellow brothers and family of the Ascended Masters are all too willing to help you out anyway they can so that you proceed along on your magnificent journey to global Ascension.

We are not just Masters for you, for we do not consider us that way in relation to you all :  we are equal and we are One! We only received this title of Ascended Master to clarify who we are and what we stand for. We did not receive that designation to put us above all of you for we would never do that! We are your friends, your loved ones, your fellow-creatures, but above all, we are partners throughout all times. Together we left on numerous journeys, and together we will do this now during this Ascension.

Have faith in us for we have faith in you! We know all too well what is expected of all of you : and you will deliver on your missions, no doubt about that. Your hearts have grown so strong, you have intense feelings of love for one another and for yourself and because of that a huge step upward has been taken to a higher vibration. That in of itself has now granted that the lower vibrations can no longer influence your reality one way or the other. Those lower vibrations are as good as gone, taking with them their last influences, although here and there they can still show up intensely.

Be aware, my precious hearts, that this is just an illusion which those desperate ones try to uphold you, through lower vibrations taking the form of fear, despair, agression and war. The taking for real of those lower dispositions are the only means for them to succeed in their attempts. That is to say : they try to pull you back from the throne you have reached in the meantime and bring you back to again get stuck in this duality! So I want to emphasize the fact to not get involved in their petty games to which you all are invited and certainly not to give any energy nor any focus to those games. Ignore them with all of  your might and know that it is just an illusion, they are just desperate attempts to win you over!  Don’t take it for granted, this is what I really want to emphasize, my precious hearts.♥

I love you all so deeply and I only have your best interest at heart for you and your family, your friends and your loved ones. We are with you all and we send you our assistance on a daily basis whenever it is needed. You are not alone.

I AM That I AM
Lady Portia ♥

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Message from the Blue ray ~El Morya, Archangel Michael & Jupiter ~ By Mercy ~ 23-10-2012 ~

Blue lights are filling your hearts, those blue lights sent from us, we are making sure all fronts are covered up, for all of you, to be in peace and centered from your heart.

Dear ones, we greet you once again with happiness and joy because the time of freedom and release is approaching. Noticed that now the earth is showing you its true colors? This is so because you finally are starting to adapt to the new reality in masses, you are starting to understand that you no longer have the power to doubt as faith is not only inside you, it has become you and now you know that assuming your beauty is finally showing you how to “fly”. Know that the Blue ray is among all of you, and we are your earthly guardians among many others.

Finally the time to develop the butterfly’s wings has arrived; more will be released as soon as we insert the various keys that are needed to do so. You may imagine what is happening to you like a hall with many doors, each one opening to you when you have found the key. The keys are all inside you, some will find them with ease others may take longer, your Higher Self knows why this is so, as it has granted the richest path for you in this reincarnation.
Now we have come to tell you that your voice can make a difference, your speech is the magic that can and will materialize your desires to help, to protect, to support and to reunite as long as you are a being of light and pure intention.

Sing as much as you can and do this in the 5th tune, these vibrations will be our gift to you, our healing and protection. We know many of you at this point are no longer afraid and finally gave us permission to come closer to you. We thank you for trusting in us. Know that for now those who already ascended have to keep walking their path without worrying too much about their language not being understood.

There is a time and a place for everything to happen dear children of ours, you are doing well, because you have found your time and place to become divine as you were born.

Find your center. Find yourself. Remember yourself. You will, when you have found the center of your time and space.

Know that you will carry much weight on your shoulders but this will make you walk far. You will be able to carry things that might look bigger than yourself, they are not, you are them, you are everything, you can make everything happen if you believe, in yourself.

Many that have not awakened will try to influence you with their vibrations, they do not mean to harm you, they are just doing what they have created for themselves. By limiting their vision and senses, they are not able to see with the same eyes, yet.

Nevertheless spread who you are with all the confidence that is you, your love and healing energy to all those that are in need, heal their eyes, cure their hearts, they will feel it, even if they force to resist to this beautiful light, it will make a change, deep inside

The universe can not refuse a wish that comes from pure intention.

 Even if you don’t see or understand this yet, keep your mind open because one day all of you will.

Your voice will make a change, sing,  pray,  use your vocal chords as the divine instrument that they are. Express your feelings and let them go, don’t be afraid of judgment as this is an illusion, you are ALL and ALL is you, judgment does not exist.

The 26th of October will also mark an important event, this time it might be invisible to some of you but it will be of great meaning for the ascension process.

We finish this message with a prayer that we share with you in order to heal what is left to be healed and awaken the cure in each of you;

I AM a being of the blue light,

I AM the light of Michael,

I AM the sword of truth,

I AM balance, faith and perfection,

I AM the extension of you,

I AM the cure in me,

I AM the cure in you,

I AM the cure in me,

I AM  the cure in you.

I AM a being of blue light,

I AM Jupiter’s sun

I AM the cure of the earth,

I AM the cure of the sun,

I AM the cure of the moon.

I AM the love in me,

I AM the love in you.

Picture taken from: Fraktalia

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Friday, October 19, 2012

~ Channeled Message from the Pleiades – 21/10 - The portal of healing, memory , balance ~ By Mercy ~ 20-10-2012 ~

Dearest humans, we have come to you in order to lend you our voices, listen closely and embrace each of our words with gratitude and happiness because these are the feelings we too are bringing to you at this moment.

We came to deliver you a short message regarding the opening of the next portal which will be on the 21/10 and you will feel its energy in a very powerful and wonderful way as this time it will be balancing your body and making it more stable (like a toddler that is finally starting to walk with more safety).

 There is still some time left and we are ensuring that you are getting the most love and assistance we can provide. Note that during this day around 22:00 PM some of you will start remembering things in the form of short flashes, things that will be important to you in the future. This portal is responsible for memory, healing and balance. You have to understand that your mental and physical health are both necessary elements for your ascension.

We have noticed that some of you are so glued to meditating and are worrying too much, this has been told you before but we need to state this again. Remember that all is written and bound to happen and in this time of need you must focus on yourselves and on those you love because your bond with them will highly assist you, and your beloved ones, during the ascension process. Remember that you are the owner of you free will and only you can give permission for things to happen.

Here in the Pleiades, things are heating up and we have been trying to contact with some of our family members that are still on earth, you will find us if your desire to do so is pure and comes from the heart.

Know that this time things are about to change massively in ways that you will not expect . This change can be very sudden, we are talking of something that will be of immediate occurrence and you should embrace this as a fearless person, and understand that changes will help you heal from all that has been implanted in your bodies now. 

Some of you will start developing allergies to certain things and might feel a higher blood pressure, do not worry about this as your bodies are in constant mutation and are fighting their own war right now, but this is a peaceful and useful one as you will see by yourselves.

We know that there is still doubt and we will not work in converting you to our beliefs as you will know, when the right time comes, from your heart and higher self, what is real and what is about to come, you will be awakening yourselves, all we ask is to have faith, in yourselves.

As a word of advice we want to tell you that during the next energetic shifts it is advisable to avoid alcoholic drinks as they will be intoxicating your blood flow and avoiding these wonderful energies we are sending to enter your blood stream and cells. Drink herbal teas (from fresh harvested herbs) and water and take foods that are rich in fibbers as they will balance your organs.

 We also want to tell you to consume oranges and citrus fruits; you will provide the explanation for this yourselves in the future.

Read books and write as it will help you to remember things that are to be remembered, words are the link to awakening part of our subconscious that has been resting, all types of arts are welcome at this stage.

Keep an eye on the cosmos and if you wish, ask us for a sign, try this when you are feeling happy and relaxed and see what happens. You might be surprised.

We are sure, dear ones, you will be enjoying this path even more in the coming month, some of you will feel like you are levitating (this also has a reason that will be explained further) embrace this feeling and make it yours, you will feel that is will be easier to walk longer distances this way.

Love you all and I hold all of you close to my heart my children of light,

Blessed be;  Arminia from Pleiades.

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~ Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ El Morya ~ 14-10-2012 ~

t is time for a cleansing and detoxification of your body, heart, mind and spirit. Doing this regularly allows for an increase in you intuition, energy, and your ability to receive and give to others. Cleanse yourself and your energy each day and more often if you are in a toxic environment. As lightworkers awakening, you have a tendency to absorb the energy, emotions, and or feelings of those around you. It can be overwhelming in the moment and so remember to cleanse your energy before you shield yourself in particularly harsh situations as it often gets locked in with you when you feel you need times of protection.

When you are clear of others, it is far easier to deal with what is yours. Sometimes it is hard to tell when you are clouded by the energy of all those that are around you, especially those who live in the densely populated areas. Be sure to have your auric field close to your self unless you want it out there for a particular reason. On the whole, it should be keep within 45 cm or 18 inches of your person.

When you are clear, balanced and focused on your journey, it then that you have time and the energy to look into your heart and decide what your true desires really are and begin to work on them. This is for you and only you to decide. Following your divine passion is truly a magical experience and one worth pursuing. As you expand your sensitivities to your world and learn to be in your world, as that is part of having a physical journey, you are experiencing the totality of all of your journeys.

yours in expanding light, El Morya.

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji,Kiitos

Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.
www.playingwiththeuniverse.comLet there be peace in your heart
Love unconditionally

Para o público Português

Muito em breve irei transmitir as mensagens recebidas tanto pelos Mestres Ascensos como pelas outras entidades que canalizo em Português (traduzir as mesmas, portanto) porque gostaria de me dirigir ao público Português.
Neste Blog irão encontrar várias mensagens provenientes de vários Médiums que a meu ver, são de confiança.

Tanto eu como algumas pessoas sao channelers oficiais para os mestres ascensos, sendo eu a representante para Portugal a nossa querida terrinha!

Aproveito também para asrescentar que se quiserem receber mensagens de uma entidade em particular dirigidas para a humanidade contactem-me e irei tentar a minha sorte!

Comentários são bem vindos e por favor, se tiverem interesse, sigam o meu Blogue!

Um bem haja a todos vós,
Luz e amor!

~ Focus with Pure Intent ~ Archangel Jophiel through Julie Miller ~ 18-10-2012 ~

Message from Archangel Jophiel
Channeled by: Julie Miller
October 18, 2012

When you begin to make changes that are based on the intentions of the heart, sometimes dear ones at first there are no results. And it is here that many easily give up the effort to keep trying. But as the many of you that do know and understand the value of perseverance do realize that when you continue to hold faith, and love with the intention of bringing change into your life, be that of a new job, a new relationship, focus on improving your health, or other areas that are able to receive the benefits of positive change created by you. Eventually dear ones as you continue to persevere, what you are intending on succeeding begins to manifest and become real. Many times the outcome to what you have been trying to achieve comes upon you suddenly, an unexpected yet beautiful surprise. During the waiting period of all endeavours you will encounter new people that will synchronize with your heart that also through a spiritual connection help make your intention more possible, demonstrating to you, the simplest of interaction between you and another connects to your intention furthering your success. A smile between strangers walking by is not a chance happening, all has meaning and reason dear and ALL affects everything through the connectedness you share with all living things. 
Sometimes what you are trying to manifest takes a long time, and I do know some of you have experienced long bouts of waiting. What commonly happens dear ones is that you stop holding onto what your intention is. Remember dear ones your thoughts, intentions are very similar to electromagnetic waves that spread throughout the universe as if you are sending out radio signals. The universe does receive your thoughts and mirrors them in return to you through the physical world. The more pure thought and emotion you add to your intention, the more intense the wave you will send out, and yes the reflection of your thoughts and intent will be that much stronger. When you let go of an intention, what is really happening is you haven’t put enough effort out, so the wave of energy you send out will only reflect back an energy pattern that is weak to the point of it not being detected by you. 
You must be persistent dear ones with your intentions, never waver. Understand all outcomes are derived by the energy you supply. You are the power behind all thought forms and it is you that brings success to what you are manifesting. Understand dear ones when you are focusing intently, if you have put out a steady stream of energy consistently for a few weeks, you will come to realize they have been working for you when you are not looking. A list is a sure way to keep track of your manifestations. Work at one at a time in order to not overwhelm yourself. Set yourself with small tasks first and discover the power of manifestation when met with the pure intent of your heart in action. You can achieve anything dear ones if you put your heart and mind into it, an equal balance of effort. 
You must be clear and passionate about what you are aiming to achieve through the intention that will manifest your results. Ensure what you are aiming to achieve you are doing so because you truly want to, not to show someone else you can. You must bring value into your energy and the value must be your own, nobody else’s. Be truthful and honest as to what you are wanting and be specific. Don’t speak at great length of something that can be described in a couple words and focus dear ones clearly and unwaveringly. 
Remember dear ones, every thought you hold is considered an intention. What you must learn to do dear ones is let go of all thoughts that will bring conflict to what you are truly aiming to bring about. You cannot manifest happiness when your inner thoughts speak of how much you dislike being miserable. Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes. There are no explanations required as to why you are aiming to manifest one thing or another – the reasons are already known. 
Stop dear ones acknowledging what you do not want, instead manifest clearly as to what you want - what speaks through your heart. When you acknowledge what you don’t want, what you are actually doing dear ones is intending it into manifestation. Shift your thoughts by changing the words as to what your intentions are, say what it is you do want as clearly as possible. Recognize the reality you wish to create to be stronger than the one you want to leave behind. 
Take a look at what you are intending to manifest, if the intention that you are trying to hold conflicts with your strongest beliefs, realize that particular intention will dissolve into ineffective energies. Be aware of your own beliefs when you are attempting bring change into your life. If the intentions are strong and do not have many conflicts with your beliefs that these intentions will indeed manifest at a much quicker rate. You are in power of the flow of energy and effort dear ones. There are no excuses only realization. Your life dear ones is governed by your choices. When you bring change into your life, this is also a representation of choice and responsibility. Because you choose how much effort you will apply, how pure your intentions are, if you waver with uncertainties or with perfect clarity – this is your life dear ones and YOU are the ones in control of where your path will take you. 
Yes there will be hurdles along the way to test your beliefs and strength, but you learn to work around them and carry on. Be patient dear ones. Yes you may slip during your manifestations; your positive thinking may crumble occasionally, simply turn your attention back to what it is you want to achieve with self-love and understanding. Dissolve all resistance by focusing purely and intently what your heart is directing you to reach and what you will attain once your outcome has been met. Be compassionate towards yourself dear ones. Your journey is incredible, filled with so many possible positive outcomes and each and every one of them is there for you…all you have to do is really, really want to make the effort to reach to what your heart desires in union with your mind, soul and body working together in perfect harmony. 
And so it is, Archangel Jophiel through Julie Miller

~ SaLuSa channeled by Mike Quinsey ~19-October-2012

SaLuSa 19-October-2012

Here we are on the verge of a great episode in your journey through duality, that will end with those who are ready to ascend leaving your present dimension. It does not mean that everything will change at once, but it will result in you being elevated to a higher dimension where you are with other souls of a similar vibration. It will ensure a life in which you experience a close harmony and joyful relationship with all souls. The harshness and confrontation you experience now will disappear for good, as those beings who cause such problems are not ready to ascend. Ascension is for those of you who have awakened to their true selves, and aspire to lift themselves up. When you can accept all others as One with you, and live your life in the manner of giving out Unconditional Love you are a perfect example of one who is ready.

If you do not consider yourself to be ready but nevertheless wish to ascend, focus on raising yourself up by doing your best to succeed. You will almost certainly do so as at this time, there are massive inputs of energy to your world and you will attract them to yourself. You will know it is happening as few souls can receive the energy without feeling the affects. It can be felt as a slight dizziness and a general feeling of lightness within your body. There are other conditions that may lead you to believe that you area about to fall ill, but will soon pass without any affect. You will certainly find yourself able to remain controlled when faced with disruptive forces, and it is the taming of the emotions that will enable you to reach such a level. At the same time you will be a model example to others who will benefit from your presence.

The Light as ever continues to grow exponentially, and is carrying you forward faster than ever. It will meet its optimum level on the 21st. December 2012 and will trigger the Ascension of Mother Earth and all those souls that are ready to go with her. By then you will have been re-assured about the safety and future of those who take a different path, and all happens as it should according to Universal Law. Put simply it states that no soul can move upwards until they have reached a similar vibration. All are cared for and by the time Ascension comes round, each one will be aware of what is to take place. As a cycle ends there are natural changes, that open up the next phase of your journey that endeavors to take you higher. The opportunities are always there for every soul.

To some extent life continues as before, but already you see the signs of change that are inevitable. How much suffering occurs depends on your Governments. and how quickly they adopt the new ways that are being offered to them. Military might will not delay the changes, although the Illuminati proposed to use it against us if we attempted disclosure and appeared on your Earth. We can easily deal with such threats but do not wish to create conditions that may rebound upon you. We are all for disclosure as soon as possible but it must be against a peaceful background. However, it may come when you least expect it, as there is more than one country that will back such an announcement.

You have been patient for such a long time and that is appreciated, but know that events must get underway very, very soon. We are ready and rely on our allies to prepare the ground so that we can follow on. Until then proceed as normal and take things as they come a day at the time. In time all of your needs will be taken care of, even though some of you will bear more of the inconvenience than others. We are well aware of what is likely to happen, and will not let matters get out of hand. We have looked after you and guided your path for a very long time, and we have a greater presence now than ever before. We are still unable to de-cloak more of our craft until we have removed the threat against us. Once it is however, we shall put on a glorious display to greet you all.

In the early days of UFO sightings we regularly contacted what you would call "ordinary individuals" yet even so their experiences were deliberately held back from you. We even took them on trips around your Solar System, proving that other planets had intelligent life on them, and still attempts were made to suppress the details. With disclosure the evidence will be totally undeniable as you are introduced to humanoids from not just your system, but from other star systems. We have been separated from you for far too long, and share your excitement at the thought of meeting you.

The Galactic Federation of Light is not in any way a military set up, but within the Universe there are forces that we need to protect ourselves against. They are mostly the dark Ones of the Reptilian group, but we hasten to add that there are others of peaceful intent. In your Galactic history there are many stories of mighty wars between civilizations. However, that era has passed and peace has been declared between the warring factions, and part of our duty is to ensure it is kept. On your Earth there is still evidence of their visits, but they are not always recognized for what they are and ignored because it does not fit in with your accepted version of history. In fact much of your history is fiction and bears little resemblance to the truth. These are areas that we shall address, as it is important that the facts are known.

Keep looking ahead as events are about to take off, and you will not be disappointed. The dark Ones are as good as finished when it comes to exercising their will upon you. They are like the toothless tiger, but still to be avoided and kept down until they can be removed. Many of you know who the leaders are as well as we do and we will not allow them to rise up again. Money still buys them time, but will never buy them their freedom to escape justice for their crimes against you. It is never too late for them to change and would do their record a lot of good, if they relinquished their quest to carry on as before.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see that the midnight hour is starting to chime, so the countdown has begun. So please keep your cool for a little while longer, as all comes to him who waits. God Bless You All.

Thank you SaLuSa.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lady Portia ~~ The portals have activated the manifestations, just like they have activated you ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 15/10/2012

I greet you all most cordially, my beloveds and loving hearts. Once again I express my gratitude and my appreciation to all of you granting me this opportunity to step forward in this Now moment. I love you all so deeply.

Let’s talk about the recently activated, very important portal of the 10-10-2012. A lot has been said about that portal through numerous other souls, so I don’t have to go much deeper into it. Suffice it to say that you all know and feel that this was the most important portal activation to date. No doubt, you begin to feel that all is reaching a climax point and all that lingers around you is a feeling of wellbeing albeit coupled with extreme fatigue of the physical body. Never before has such a tremendous change happened on a broad scale in as little of time as this has occurred recently.

I am speaking on behalf of myself when I say that I am extremely flattered seeing you thriving into the extension of yourself. At the present moment you are all so much expanding in your consciousness as well as in your physical changes with regards to all your embodiments. Everything is linked, your different embodiments are linked and they too benefit from the present upliftments you are now undergoing. This is what your hearts have chosen, this is what Ascension is all about : to expand yourself in the form of a consciousness, an energy, a state of being. You are life itself, my precious hearts, and this life is eternal.

Let this portal be the harbinger of what is to come. The vehement and actual manifestation has now duly reached its highest point in your time and the activation of the 10-10 portal has everything to do with that. The collective consciousness has taken the form of an immense mass of Light causing the surrounding activations to not be able to escape this overwhelming Light and Love from you all. Your own awakening process has brought you to the point where you are now.

It is now the issue that these portals and activations remain empowered through your intentions and your thoughts, your consciousness and your creations. Keep on putting the positive in them as that will bring you even further than where you are now, it will bring more on board than you can see or possibly can conceive of. This attitude will lead to the total activation of Everything! Keep having faith in yourselves, keep loving yourselves! You are all so incredibly worth it and so is Mother Earth.

Make yourselves comfortable, make it easy on yourselves in these times, my precious hearts, because this is the most important moment ever in your preparation towards Ascension! The portals have activated the manifestations, just like they have activated you. You can be compared to sleeping ones who are now called into active duty and are woken up rather abruptly by the unmistakable energies flowing up to you in the form of inescapable heavy rain showers. The choice is up to you : or you go through this storm or you remain by the wayside. Act wisely and with certainty in making your decisions and convictions and than go for it without any restraint, any doubt, any remorse! This will empower you even more and bring you in an even stronger position than ever before. The world is yours to command because you create it, my beloved hearts! Everything is in your hands!

I have the utmost confidence in all of you for I feel lots of Love amongst you all on Earth. There are exceptions, but the Love rules supremely although you cannot see anything to that effect yet. Many hearts are broken when they see that wars or fights with fierce violence still exist but please, know and remember without a shadow of a doubt that we will no longer tolerate this and will stop it here and NOW. The world has been violated for far too long now and in these times of enlightenment such things are no longer allowed, they will become non-existent. You are now witnessing the last debaucheries of these wars and they will disappear before too long. My Love to ALL of you and I really do mean All of you, including the lost and helpless souls, is of immense proportions. My heart always goes out to all of you. Forever in the great infinity, you are with me.

I AM That I AM Lady Portia

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~ Nibiruan Council – The Path of Comprehension – Short Channeling through Mercy ~ 18-10-2012 ~

Personal note: It was not easy for me to channel this message as I and many others have been experiencing attacks but the Nibiruan council insisted that I should channel this and I am aware of its importance so I stuck to the plan. A note to all the readers, I am not native English therefore I apologize for any spelling mistakes that my channelings may contain. I have a friend that can translate this for me but she is not always available, if anyone wants to assist me in correcting those mistakes just comment or mail me and I will be glad!

Dear Mercy, first of all we thank you for accepting this message and for bringing it forth to your equals as it has been difficult for us to be channeled lately. We know that there have been some interruptions and the channelings are not always entirely coming through. We love you, we love you all.

We are sure some of you have noticed the disturbances that are being caused by those who are interested in blocking our channels. Some of you might have experienced these attacks yourself, so we ask all of you to keep yourselves strong and spend as much time as possible in the sun as it will provide you a natural protection and will also work as a protective shield.

Now things are getting more serious and it is our mission,  this time, to warn you from future attacks that might come your way, expand your awareness and fill yourselves with caring light as it will keep you safe on this ground.

We want to tell you, that it is true that several ships have arrived on your planet and are now on their way to their installations in order to be in command of the positions that were granted to them. These positions will be handed over to some of you.  We are taking care of you as you have been taking care of us. 

We want to tell you that it is no coincidence that comets and asteroids will start showing up more often as our activity will be increasing and this will be a lot more visible to you in the next months.

Please work along with your dearest crystals and stones in order to increase your vibrations and put much light into Gaia’s grid as there are still places that are weaker compared to others and this might be one of the reasons for the attacks taking place in those places. There are still “holes” in this grid. While meditating focus on several continents of your Planet in order to bring your energy and Light to these points.

We are among you now, and we can reveal this to you, the earth’s vibrations have increased tremendously in the last couple of days, you will notice this very clearly and understand.

We think that for now this will be enough as you have enough to think about for the next days, we salute all of you with the beauty of our/ your lights. Stay on your path warriors of light.

  “ Selamat ya dam na”

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Monday, October 15, 2012

~ Channeled message from Godess Ishtar ~ By Mercy ~ 14-10-2013 ~

I am Ishtar, known to you as the goddess of fertility and love, through this long way of harmony and disharmony your lights will be ready, soon enough, to reunite under the veil of protection of our mighty Christ.

Do not doubt that the day of your salvation is about to come, be it coming from the ground and soil of your earth or from the heavens through cosmic radiations. This whole project has been meticulously programmed for each one of you and you will understand with all your love and caring nature that the path is long but that it will be worth. Don’t be afraid more than your own body can support because the liberation of this element will not only help you to remain in faith but will also aid you in curing your physical and psychic illnesses; let me tell you that the day of your liberation has never been do close, so close to you, so clear and tangible.

Let me also send you this message, the future legions of the white fraternity will be followed through an “intercosmic and divine tube” with its roots on Mars in order to assure you the proximity and security of your planet. In this sense, King Casimir will come to you through meditations, astral projections; to orientate you and elevate you to the perfection that each of you holds inside.I inform of the existence of days that might be tougher, confront this days with firmness and dedication because these are the notorious elements of one of ascensions leathers.

The firmness that is equivalent to a crystal’s one that will not break is not always an element that is easy to conquer, know though that each of you has its seed and the will to activate it when the needed conditions have arrived.I am the queen of one of the several veils of this universe and I have been meticulously observing you, one by one, with peace on my mind to know that a lot of work has been done and more work is to come, it will not always be an easy path to follow but in the big picture it will be a safe path because we know what each of you needs, what speed is your to take, and what bonds there are responsible for the concretion of a new, universal monarchy coming form the Earth.  

The ascension you long so much for is a virtual vehicle of cosmic elevation that reflects itself, not only on this level but in all the others. Note that your veins, your cells, and organs will contract themselves for an undefined amount of time but this is in order to free themselves for the new vibrations that are to arrive.I come to you through this message to tell you that your work will be compensated but focus and acknowledge this even more, it IS being compensated as we speak, even if untouchable and invisible to the eye.Trust in me and trust in yourselves shall be.

I will bring now to you one of the most valuable lessons you will need among this journey; Freedom is the hardest nexus to acquire, it works like a fishers net that is searching for its fisher, this fisher is trying hard to stay on his feet in his boat to find the fish.

This nexus, even if abstract will be the most necessary for you to travel, reunite as one inside our big ship on the day that the veils of humanity will be nothing more than an indirect translation of the acts that were committed in the past.Everything is at your reach if you desire for it.

At this moment there are various legions among you ready to aid you, some of them you will notice clearly. New legions and masters will follow because this also represents a period of renewal for our cosmic hierarchies.Among you are our children, our successors, our beloved in the form of seeds. They will be part of you just like you are part of them, and they will be contributing for the needed dismantlement of the plans that are now, still occult.

I is necessary to follow your path of safety but know never forget the pleasure of jumping to a higher point, to use this energy you have that will lead you. This energy is intuition and even if apparently not being logic it is the most pure of all logics.

Let me congratulate you for your efforts and dedication, I too feel you close to my heart and I am sure you will feel me too.A knot of light in all of you, for I AM Ishtar, the goddess of faith in your hearts.