Sunday, November 4, 2012

Channeled message from Quiron of the 5th Ray ~ Portals and important events for November ~ 5-11-2012 ~ By Mercy ~

Personal note to all channelers: Now new beings may come to you so if you have the chance, grab the pendulum and ask for their name, many new or yet unknown Ascended Masters and Angels may want to speak through you. I did not know about Quiron untill now. Love and light.

Dear ones, I AM Quiron, the being that now represents the green ray for you at this precise moment and I have come to you, through this channel because she kindly asked me who I was and because she kindly approved of delivering my message to you.

I might not be known to many of you, but nevertheless I AM here to deliver you my knowledge and to serve you in times of need.

I AM here to tell you that the month of November will present you with several Portals, those are specific ones: 8-11-2012, 11-11-2012 and finally 21-11-2012. I want to let this clear, there have been some delays and changes in the opening of Portals for specific reasons, mainly because you, the human race of incarnated Angels are the ones to guide these with your state of mind and amount of Light that is now “inlaid” and deeply anchored in your bodies. We have the highest respect for you, and consideration, do not see us as beings above you, we are you and you are us. We are one.

Some are still feeling the effects of  the emotional “hangover” as their bodies need more time to assimilate all the cosmic energy and all the changes that are occurring, have occurred and are about to occur.
I also want to point my attention to de 21st of November, I did not allow my Channel to tell you what will happen on this date as there might be disturbances, remember that your vibrations are vivid creators at this time, YOU ARE the creators and this means that your energy will materialize literally like if the world was your mirror. 
We all, and especially the Green Ray have worked hard on this specific event and so have many of you, some unconsciously and right now your work to unify is so beautiful to watch we do not want to disturb any of this with eventual doubts, that are still possible and natural for some of you, but focus your eyes on America this time.

My channel also asked me, as this concerned her, if everyone is going to ascend or if only certain people will. Know that ALL of you will ascend, only in different times as we cannot force this process and you are the ones that will permit it to happen, so be relaxed, joyous and in balance and you shall ride the horse to the castle faster than you think.

Are you feeling the energies lately? Do not think that these energies are created by us alone, you are playing the main role here, you are creating, and you are creation itself in every vessel you represent.

Now, this is also a very important message I want to deliver to you, and the time has come for me to speak about this, as the Ascension process is taking place and our cosmic Hierarchies are also going through this Ascension, meaning that the Violet Ray that is in your mind represented by  the image of our beloved Saint Germain will be and has been in fact, passed to the new Chohans , Lady Mercedes and her twinflame Lord Sainthurhu (Saintrhu). We have delivered this fact to you since the 80’s now so that we would assure not to shock you and to make you gradually comfortable with this idea. These two beings are incarnated on your planet, along with their families, and they will lead the 7th root race into Ascension. You may call them your divine parents or just parents as this is what they do, they truly care for you. You will not find much information about them and this is done on purpose because now the time is coming to do so.

Remember, you will find them in your heart, and you can channel them too as they are both kind souls and will help you with all their love and Light.

Know also that there are several, many even, of us that are not yet known to this world, but if you listen closely you will find us as we will come to you, in fact we are you, you just have to open up, to yourselves.

Now my sweet children of light, know that the changes that are taking place are felt in first place in the cosmic hierarchies and then will reflect on your dimension, those who are the incarnated Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Eagles, Starseeds, will now understand that if you trust your intuition, you will be shown three doors, and you can enter the door that fits your vibrations.

You will be shown your star families, perhaps through dreams or meet them by “accident” of course you know that you are the one to create those “accidents” are you not? (Smiles).

I AM here for you, and you are here for me, we are as one, never forget this, we can not stress this enough for it is so very important for you to know.  You will start awakening in large numbers now, and you will meet new faces along your way, yes, no not doubt this and your own channel will be free to receive the “Today why not walk this way?”.

We are nudging you, daily, and showing you the way, relax and be happy and you will find your road so very fast.

You are safe, we all adore you and long to be with you so much closer now.

Be the extension of your own self.

Be the love.

I love you.
Quiron of the 5th ray

Tunel of Love -Ukraine

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  1. Dankeschön !

  2. Many thanks! Extremely good information, very useful :) I look forward to meeting the new Chohans!

  3. Greetings Quiron, I AM Saint Matthias of the consciousness that is Human. I have read your blog and invite you to view my new blog. My Partner and I are new to the realm of channel blogs and would perhaps love to have you guest blog on our page. Thank you for your time, loved one.