Wednesday, November 7, 2012

~ Channeled message from the Nibiruan Council ~ The importance of Nibiru ~ 7-11-2012 ~ By Mercy

Personal note: I was very tired when this was channeled  so I appologize for mistakes.

We are the Nibiruan council of nine and finally has the time come to send you our next message through this loving channel of ours.
We come to you from unconditional love, with unconditional love and assertive thoughts that are prone to help you direct you to your comfort zone. 

About the statement and possibility that some have heard about Nibiru going to crash into the Earth, this is a false statement that has been misinterpreted by those who plan on create fear in your bodies of light.There is no intention of touching this divine Earth and harming it other than the intention of Gaia herself to do what is best and serves your highest good. 

Be centered from your heart and pay good attention to the next months because these will play the major role here. We arrived on earth to formalize certain contracts and to assure that these would fit in he right hands, believe us when we say you have never been so close to the culminating point of release and freedom.

There should be no artificially produced and induced fear in you at this point as you know better, inside yourselves that the earth and you are playing the most important role in this event and will lead this planet to its correct development.

We love you, above all, and all that is being reopened is for the specific purpose of helping you with your needs. Some kinds of creatures will still try to promote fear among you but know that they have no authorization to do so and now you are stronger than ever to be free of those.
Be tied together with the chords of love and light and know that each cell that you are together form the great divine body of light.
We can not thank you enough for all that are doing, notice the changes in yourself and doubt no longer, there is no more room for doubt in the vibrations and dimensions you are about to face, this illusion is identified and deported to its own reality now.

Let me also greet you from the center spaceship of Novarta, the Arcturian straship that is responsible for the law system and revelation that will be implemented as soon as our contracts are fulfilled.

Novarta stands for renewal and soon or commanders and ship assistants as well as gate keepers will be on board for specific reasons in order to help you immediately and flawlessly.
No intruders are allowed in your wonderful world of creation, we remind you, you are the creators from now on the reality is yours to be molded.
These next two months the moon will play an important role, you have been told this before and so far nothing has changed about this. Mars is and will also influence positively the world climate (political one) if its energy is correctly used.
We point out to the 21st November.
Try to stay focused on the big picture and not let yourself get distracted because this is intended by them for those who have not fully awakened yet.

Stay centered from the heart.

Nibiru has played and will still play a important political role in your world, for your world and our correlation with Agartha will only fortify the relation and make it happen.

Our ropes can no longer be cut as all of you are, in fact, the ropes.

When you find the time take it to talk with yourselves, be intuitive and dare asking about YOU, you will find all the answers you need through even unexpected ways that will come your way.

Analyze your sleep. This is very important for you at this current position.

We are with you.
We are as one.

In love.

The Nibiruan Council of Nine

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