Friday, October 19, 2012

~ Channeled Message from the Pleiades – 21/10 - The portal of healing, memory , balance ~ By Mercy ~ 20-10-2012 ~

Dearest humans, we have come to you in order to lend you our voices, listen closely and embrace each of our words with gratitude and happiness because these are the feelings we too are bringing to you at this moment.

We came to deliver you a short message regarding the opening of the next portal which will be on the 21/10 and you will feel its energy in a very powerful and wonderful way as this time it will be balancing your body and making it more stable (like a toddler that is finally starting to walk with more safety).

 There is still some time left and we are ensuring that you are getting the most love and assistance we can provide. Note that during this day around 22:00 PM some of you will start remembering things in the form of short flashes, things that will be important to you in the future. This portal is responsible for memory, healing and balance. You have to understand that your mental and physical health are both necessary elements for your ascension.

We have noticed that some of you are so glued to meditating and are worrying too much, this has been told you before but we need to state this again. Remember that all is written and bound to happen and in this time of need you must focus on yourselves and on those you love because your bond with them will highly assist you, and your beloved ones, during the ascension process. Remember that you are the owner of you free will and only you can give permission for things to happen.

Here in the Pleiades, things are heating up and we have been trying to contact with some of our family members that are still on earth, you will find us if your desire to do so is pure and comes from the heart.

Know that this time things are about to change massively in ways that you will not expect . This change can be very sudden, we are talking of something that will be of immediate occurrence and you should embrace this as a fearless person, and understand that changes will help you heal from all that has been implanted in your bodies now. 

Some of you will start developing allergies to certain things and might feel a higher blood pressure, do not worry about this as your bodies are in constant mutation and are fighting their own war right now, but this is a peaceful and useful one as you will see by yourselves.

We know that there is still doubt and we will not work in converting you to our beliefs as you will know, when the right time comes, from your heart and higher self, what is real and what is about to come, you will be awakening yourselves, all we ask is to have faith, in yourselves.

As a word of advice we want to tell you that during the next energetic shifts it is advisable to avoid alcoholic drinks as they will be intoxicating your blood flow and avoiding these wonderful energies we are sending to enter your blood stream and cells. Drink herbal teas (from fresh harvested herbs) and water and take foods that are rich in fibbers as they will balance your organs.

 We also want to tell you to consume oranges and citrus fruits; you will provide the explanation for this yourselves in the future.

Read books and write as it will help you to remember things that are to be remembered, words are the link to awakening part of our subconscious that has been resting, all types of arts are welcome at this stage.

Keep an eye on the cosmos and if you wish, ask us for a sign, try this when you are feeling happy and relaxed and see what happens. You might be surprised.

We are sure, dear ones, you will be enjoying this path even more in the coming month, some of you will feel like you are levitating (this also has a reason that will be explained further) embrace this feeling and make it yours, you will feel that is will be easier to walk longer distances this way.

Love you all and I hold all of you close to my heart my children of light,

Blessed be;  Arminia from Pleiades.

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  1. Beautiful Mercy, I have re-blogged it, so every single soul whom is wanting to read this, will be directed to your site. Love you and i do Love this message! ♥ Méline

    1. Thank you sweet one =)I am glad it ressonated to you, I think it comes from kindness.
      Love you too <3

  2. Wonderful message~thank you <3

    1. Thank you Lisa, please follow the Blog if you like, there will be more channelings soon with interesting info on their way =)

    2. Sorry, do not speak good English but your posts are translated in my language (Romanian)
      I read the article and I received a sign immediately.
      On sky with clouds and no stars there was a bright light that blinking flashing.
      It was at 3:07 am
      Thank you for your lovely messages
      We hope you

    3. Thank you for your kind comment, many people have been reporting similar things (ufo sightseeings) or even noises while they were reading the message, I am glad it ressonated to you.
      Love and light dear one ***