Monday, October 15, 2012

Channeled message from the sacred legion of the white fraternity ~13-10-2012~ - through Mercy

We greet you all with uncondicional love and light for we are the sacred legion of the white fraternity.

We have come to you in this hour of need to bring on a message of hope and translucid knowledge that soon will be at your reach. We have shown you through time how to react to the stimuli that were given to you and know the time is approaching which will liberate you from all your hopes and fears as you will come to understand what truly matters and what truly is. 

We have come to “lend you our hands” to rise you from the ground and bring you closer to our divine creation, to your divine creation.
As we speak many key phenomena are taking place and are now entering this earthly realm. 

You will soon get to see them in a more visible and palpable way and will find it easier to trust without emerging from your doubts.
It is now the time of hopefulness that will be more than just the child of hope.

 The moon is playing a huge role in this as you soon will be able to understand. 

Keep yourselves protected with the most love and light of the most purest source and intention as it is and will always be there for you to use.

 On the 23th March of 2013 you will experience new phenomena that will come to your awareness. This phenomena is being planned and conceived as we speak and its peak will be released on the prophesized date. I assure you that this will sound and be overwhelming to you but, you will feel small and comfortable within it as a particle of the whole being itself.

I also assure you that the beings that have and are now confronting you will soon be disarmed so to speak by all the forces of great love and light that are acting not only on this earth but in all the other realms of light.

I want you to fear no more, to doubt no more as you are the purest and most beautiful creation from prime source itself. We all love you, we all wish to embrace you but the time is yet to come.

Be patient and love yourselves, go out and embrace nature, be aware of your world as this awareness will be ascension itself.
Some will leave this earth in order to enter our ships others will stay and be of great help on this wonderful (but still unfinished) world. I WANT TO ADD THAT THE NIBURIAN COUNCIL OF NINE has now entered a new dimension and will follow its path into the seventh sun.
We will all rise together when time has arrived .

Hope, love , and free yourself of fear as you are so much more without it, you are light, bright and beautiful and you know this in your most inner core.

I greet you from the heart and will send more assistance to you day and night  for I am the autor of the 9th council of light.

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