Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lady Portia ~~ The portals have activated the manifestations, just like they have activated you ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 15/10/2012

I greet you all most cordially, my beloveds and loving hearts. Once again I express my gratitude and my appreciation to all of you granting me this opportunity to step forward in this Now moment. I love you all so deeply.

Let’s talk about the recently activated, very important portal of the 10-10-2012. A lot has been said about that portal through numerous other souls, so I don’t have to go much deeper into it. Suffice it to say that you all know and feel that this was the most important portal activation to date. No doubt, you begin to feel that all is reaching a climax point and all that lingers around you is a feeling of wellbeing albeit coupled with extreme fatigue of the physical body. Never before has such a tremendous change happened on a broad scale in as little of time as this has occurred recently.

I am speaking on behalf of myself when I say that I am extremely flattered seeing you thriving into the extension of yourself. At the present moment you are all so much expanding in your consciousness as well as in your physical changes with regards to all your embodiments. Everything is linked, your different embodiments are linked and they too benefit from the present upliftments you are now undergoing. This is what your hearts have chosen, this is what Ascension is all about : to expand yourself in the form of a consciousness, an energy, a state of being. You are life itself, my precious hearts, and this life is eternal.

Let this portal be the harbinger of what is to come. The vehement and actual manifestation has now duly reached its highest point in your time and the activation of the 10-10 portal has everything to do with that. The collective consciousness has taken the form of an immense mass of Light causing the surrounding activations to not be able to escape this overwhelming Light and Love from you all. Your own awakening process has brought you to the point where you are now.

It is now the issue that these portals and activations remain empowered through your intentions and your thoughts, your consciousness and your creations. Keep on putting the positive in them as that will bring you even further than where you are now, it will bring more on board than you can see or possibly can conceive of. This attitude will lead to the total activation of Everything! Keep having faith in yourselves, keep loving yourselves! You are all so incredibly worth it and so is Mother Earth.

Make yourselves comfortable, make it easy on yourselves in these times, my precious hearts, because this is the most important moment ever in your preparation towards Ascension! The portals have activated the manifestations, just like they have activated you. You can be compared to sleeping ones who are now called into active duty and are woken up rather abruptly by the unmistakable energies flowing up to you in the form of inescapable heavy rain showers. The choice is up to you : or you go through this storm or you remain by the wayside. Act wisely and with certainty in making your decisions and convictions and than go for it without any restraint, any doubt, any remorse! This will empower you even more and bring you in an even stronger position than ever before. The world is yours to command because you create it, my beloved hearts! Everything is in your hands!

I have the utmost confidence in all of you for I feel lots of Love amongst you all on Earth. There are exceptions, but the Love rules supremely although you cannot see anything to that effect yet. Many hearts are broken when they see that wars or fights with fierce violence still exist but please, know and remember without a shadow of a doubt that we will no longer tolerate this and will stop it here and NOW. The world has been violated for far too long now and in these times of enlightenment such things are no longer allowed, they will become non-existent. You are now witnessing the last debaucheries of these wars and they will disappear before too long. My Love to ALL of you and I really do mean All of you, including the lost and helpless souls, is of immense proportions. My heart always goes out to all of you. Forever in the great infinity, you are with me.

I AM That I AM Lady Portia

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