Wednesday, October 17, 2012

~ Nibiruan Council – The Path of Comprehension – Short Channeling through Mercy ~ 18-10-2012 ~

Personal note: It was not easy for me to channel this message as I and many others have been experiencing attacks but the Nibiruan council insisted that I should channel this and I am aware of its importance so I stuck to the plan. A note to all the readers, I am not native English therefore I apologize for any spelling mistakes that my channelings may contain. I have a friend that can translate this for me but she is not always available, if anyone wants to assist me in correcting those mistakes just comment or mail me and I will be glad!

Dear Mercy, first of all we thank you for accepting this message and for bringing it forth to your equals as it has been difficult for us to be channeled lately. We know that there have been some interruptions and the channelings are not always entirely coming through. We love you, we love you all.

We are sure some of you have noticed the disturbances that are being caused by those who are interested in blocking our channels. Some of you might have experienced these attacks yourself, so we ask all of you to keep yourselves strong and spend as much time as possible in the sun as it will provide you a natural protection and will also work as a protective shield.

Now things are getting more serious and it is our mission,  this time, to warn you from future attacks that might come your way, expand your awareness and fill yourselves with caring light as it will keep you safe on this ground.

We want to tell you, that it is true that several ships have arrived on your planet and are now on their way to their installations in order to be in command of the positions that were granted to them. These positions will be handed over to some of you.  We are taking care of you as you have been taking care of us. 

We want to tell you that it is no coincidence that comets and asteroids will start showing up more often as our activity will be increasing and this will be a lot more visible to you in the next months.

Please work along with your dearest crystals and stones in order to increase your vibrations and put much light into Gaia’s grid as there are still places that are weaker compared to others and this might be one of the reasons for the attacks taking place in those places. There are still “holes” in this grid. While meditating focus on several continents of your Planet in order to bring your energy and Light to these points.

We are among you now, and we can reveal this to you, the earth’s vibrations have increased tremendously in the last couple of days, you will notice this very clearly and understand.

We think that for now this will be enough as you have enough to think about for the next days, we salute all of you with the beauty of our/ your lights. Stay on your path warriors of light.

  “ Selamat ya dam na”

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  1. See you have made a terrific start!! Welcome and thank you for doing your part beloved Mercy. Much Love Méline ♥

  2. We all support you Mercy, proceed with confidence and love :)